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Artpal Review [December 2019]

In This Article… how to sucessfullly sell on artpalWho Owns Artpal?How easy is selling on artpal?What Is Artpal? how to sucessfullly sell on artpal Who Owns Artpal? Artpal is an online forum where artists can post their art to be sold. It is the only online gallery where buyers can buy the original art as …

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Creating Paintings That Sell

It’s not easy to make a living selling paintings. After all, the “starving artist” archetype exists for a reason. But, in the age of the internet, it’s easier than ever to sell paintings. Using platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, eBay, and Etsy, painters are able to reach a wider audience than they would have been …

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Selling Photography on Etsy

Selling Photography On Etsy

If you’re a photographer, you understand that making a living at your craft can be very difficult. Because everyone with an iPhone can take a photograph, people are generally spending less money on portraiture, wedding photography and other services that were once lucrative opportunities for photographers. Fortunately, selling photographs on Etsy is a great opportunity …

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Valuation Of Artwork

Truly, it is hard to determine what makes art valuable. Usually it is word of mouth by an influential person that will host a showing or event. They will invite friends who have money to spend and other artists also help this process along. People who are respected in their field that recommend the work …

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