First Steps

Guides, reference, and ideas that will help you take the first steps toward making your online store a reality.

Best Etsy Paintings [June 2020]

Modern Wall Art Painting by Corinne Melanie As the recent HBO documentary, “The Price of Everything” shows, the art market is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Each month, art connoisseurs gather in galleries and auction houses to bid on paintings worth several million dollars each. Now, most of us can’t afford to decorate our walls with high-ticket …

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Selling Photography on Etsy

Selling Photography On Etsy

If you’re a photographer, you understand that making a living at your craft can be very difficult. Because everyone with an iPhone can take a photograph, people are generally spending less money on portraiture, wedding photography and other services that were once lucrative opportunities for photographers. Fortunately, selling photographs on Etsy is a great opportunity …

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Etsy SEO

What Is Etsy SEO For artists and artisans, it’s easier than ever to make a living off your craft. All you have to do is open up an Etsy store and upload your work to start selling it. But, if you want people to find you on Etsy, you’ll have to use the right keywords. …

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Food Product Lighting Guide

Food is notoriously one of the hardest things to photograph. If it’s done wrong, you can make a tasty dish look very unappealing. When it’s done right, however, it can make even the worst-tasting meal look appetizing. So if you’re an aspiring photographer, it helps to learn how to take food photos. Not only will …

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