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How To Sell Art On Ebay [January 2020]

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Can You Sell Artwork On Ebay?

You can sell artwork but there are some restrictions based on what you want to sell. If it’s your own art, you are allowed to sell. If you’re reselling other artwork, you need authorization for it. Reproductions (like posters) are allowed unless they violate any copyright/trademark laws. This usually depends on what the work is a reproduction of. If it’s an exact replica of a painting, you need to include that it is a replica in the title and description.

To summarize, if it’s not artwork originally done by you, you need to include that in the title/description. Then you can sell it.

How Do You Sell Art On Etsy Successfully?

Etsy is a very competitive market place for selling art but there are many things that can be done in order to ensure that art will sell successfully. First and foremost is to make a brand for yourself. This means having a theme and a catchy profile name to attract the attention and aesthetic of your audience.

This means investing more time into planning out all aspects such as the profile name, the profile picture, the thumbnails for sample photos, and even the captions and tags. A rule of thumb is to also keep track of your competitors, know who they are, and keep original to your brand

Etsy and Ebay are both great platforms for online sellers. When it comes to art, however, Etsy is the go to place for artists to sell their artwork. Etsy is a platform created specifically for those who want to buy and sell unique, personalized, made- to- buy items.

Whereas Ebay is a platform to place bids on second hand or more materialistically valuable items. For example, electronics, such as functioning gameboys, Whereas Etsy is more of a platform where one would sell personalized vintage feel items. Art on Etsy typically sells better given that the piece is not second hand.

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