How to Sell Art on Ebay

Want to learn how to sell art on Ebay? As one of the most trusted marketplace on internet, Ebay is a great place to experiment. This guide shows you how to successfully tap into its potential.

If you’re an artist, finding venues through which to sell your work can be difficult.  Galleries can be difficult to get your work into and local craft fairs limit your customer-base to a regional audience (Here is a handmade business article about the limits of craft fairs.)

Luckily, eBay provides a venue for artists from all over the world to reach large quantities of viewers looking to buy artwork.

Here are 4 tips for artists looking to sell their work through eBay.

Research Your Value – How to Sell Art on Ebay

In order to price your work, you want to do some researching to understand what the value of your work is.  After all, you want to make sure not to low-ball yourself, but you also want to keep the work’s cost within a reasonable and realistic price range.

Use eBay’s Advanced Search portal to browse through work similar to yours.  Start by entering some keywords that are relevant to your piece.

Then, choose “Art” as your search category and make sure to click the “Sold Listings” box underneath.  From there, you’ll be able to see a list of works and the prices they sold for. This will help you to determine what the cost of your work should be.

In other words, understanding how to sell art on Ebay starts with understanding how much art in general sells on Ebay.

Include Good Photographs

How to Sell Art on Ebay Showing Your Work in Situation
Productviz showing this piece in situation by Danae Diaz

Because your audience will be viewing photographs of the work, you want to make sure that your photographs are eye-catching.  Try photographing the work against simple but formally beautiful backgrounds.

Clean white walls and solid-colored backgrounds usually work well.

Show all sides of the work and include a few detail shots to let the viewer know what they’re looking at.

Strong photos can really make the difference, so do yourself a favor and make sure yours are high-quality.

List Your Artwork Properly

In order to make sure that your potential audience finds the work, you’ll have to properly identify it when posting it for sale on eBay.  Be descriptive in your titles and use them to entice the viewer.

Make sure to select “Art” as the category and include a detailed description of the work where you can.  Including keywords like “landscape painting”, “figure sculpture”, “watercolor” and “ceramic pottery”.

Even more, these will make sure that your work shows up when browsers search for those terms.

The “Item Description” component of your post is key here.

In addition to describing the work, this is also the part of the post where you can include other information. For example, you can post whether or not you include a certificate of authenticity, and where the work was made.

Be A Great Salesperson

That said, once you’re able to sell some artwork through eBay, you want to ensure that customers continue to keep buying.

Be a courteous seller and make sure that the work is packed safely, labeled correctly and shipped out on time.

Additionally, leave your buyer some positive feedback in hopes that they will do the same for you.

The better your reputation becomes, the higher up you will show on search results, creating more potential for you to sell artworks in the future.

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