What is Product Viz?

The best way to present your artwork on the internet, hands down.

Online, people will buy your artwork if they love how it looks. Galleries won’t even talk to you unless they love it.

Product photography influences how customers view your work. Etsy.com published a study saying so. Google “how to sell more art” then count how many times “take better photos” pops up.

For the last ten years, I’ve worked as a fine art designer. For my clients, cataloging and uploading their work was a big task. Getting that catalog to look awesome? Photoshoots, transport, and keeping current is an expensive headache.

The most successful artists made it work. They were clients whose names you’d recognize. Successful artists see presentation and art itself as equal.

Consider how your portfolio would look with every piece photographed in a chic gallery? Or in Modern interior you’d find in Architectural Digest.

As an artist, do you expect compensation for all your hard work, practice, and skill? Well, let people can see the value of your art for themselves.

After ten years in the fine arts, I used my knowledge to start ProductViz. We show your artwork in any beautiful interior. Our method requires no traditional photography (re it’s easy). Send us a JPG of your art and decide how you want your piece displayed. (See how this method works here.) You can also see our portfolio here.

Turn your boring images in gorgeous interiors. Let your customers see how beautiful your work really is.

See the results of artwork Product Viz transformed from boring to awesome 

Below are Productviz transformations, showing artwork in glamorous & interesting interior space. We coined the term Visual Intelligence to describe changing boring images on white background to dynamic images in chic interiors.

Victor Arnautoff

Arnautoff’s City of Life shown here in a Scandinavian interior. Read the case study here.

Victoria Ulrikke Iles

Full Interior layout for Mammoth.co. See the development process here.

Art Deco Lady

Art Deco Lady displayed from the side. Mirrored artwork shown in a Modern Interior.

88 Editions

88 Editions set of paintings shown “in situ”.

Traditional Japanese Art

Japanese traditional artwork shown in a studio setting. Read the case study here

Thoughts from our Founder…

Hi, I’m Jake, Lead Artist at Product Viz.

Today I spend a lot of my time working on personal art. Just like you, working as an artist caused me to think about not just creating, but also selling my work.

Here’s the problem: Your work is beautiful, but if you sell on the internet, that beauty usually gets lost in the photography used to display your work.

To get around this problem, you either have to

  1. Roll up your sleeves, cutting and cropping your paintings and photography onto super white backgrounds (which, I hate to say) is tons of work that just looks bad.
  2. Hire a professional designer to touch up your photos & prepare a catalog. Good designers are expensive and, at the end of the day, they are still working with the original artwork — without any interior setting or background.

In either case, you are going to pay with your time and your money for something that isn’t great. Consider the two images below. Both edited by a professional. Which one do you prefer?



4/5 people prefer the painting shown in an Interior. People can imagine how that art would look in their home or office. Think of all the money furniture companies spend to show their furniture in a real, styled interior? (Check out Ikea.com, see any white backgrounds?) Successful, artistic businesses know that customers need context to understand how a sofa (or piece of art) would look in their space.

Part of my work as a digital artist trained me with technology that many big companies use to make their furniture or artwork look great.

After working, learning, and practicing on my own work, I developed an illustration technique that integrates these techniques & technologies to create beautiful interiors for displaying artwork.

Not sure if this will work for you? You can check out our full portfolio. I’m positive you will love the result…and if not, email me directly at jake@productviz.com.

My Best & in Art We Trust,

Jacob Smith, Lead Artist