Artpal Review – Your Guide To Learning And Selling On Artpal [August 2020]

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Artpal is unique for artists in that it is a completely free gallery you can set up online to buy and sell art. There are no memberships either. You can sell originals, prints and use their Print on Demand service as well. They help you market and get more sales and you can be online selling within minutes.

More generally, it’s a place for aspiring professionals artists to market their work and accept customer payments. Think of it as an Etsy for artist work only.

How Easy Is Selling On Artpal?

It is easy to sell on Artpal because the process is kind of a one stop shot for originals and also a good way to be able to price your art and not have to worry about haggling and having to defend your pricing. Simply put your art online, and let the process happen.

Frequent Questions About Artpal

What Is The Best Website For Selling Art?

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Who Owns Artpal?

Artpal is an independently owned company — so they own themselves.

How To Sucessfully Sell On Artpal

Online Conversations About Artpal

An artist talks about his experience selling art on Reddit

I’ve been doodling a while now and been wondering if I could even sell some of my stuff as prints or other media. Problem is I have absolutely no idea if anyone could be interested in my works and I could use some pointers on what to improve or just general comments on what do you think.

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Artpal Trend


As you can see, Artpal gained the most in the last year or so…

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