How To Clean Copper Jewelry [August 2020]

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Who doesn’t want to keep their jewelry looking shiny and gorgeous?

This article breaks down the simple things you can do to clean your copper jewelry.

Ready? Let’s go…

One of the first steps you can take to keep your jewelry shiny and protect your skin is to buy a sealant for your jewelry to protect both the jewelry and your skin.

Pouring lemon juice over your jewelry and then pouring some salt over it and rubbing until the tarnish disappears will help keep it shiny. When the tarnish is gone simply rinse it and dry with a dry cloth.

You can even take some ketchup on a toothbrush and rub it in with the toothbrush until the tarnish is gone. Wash it off and dry with a dry cloth.

You can also buy the commercial cleaners sold in stores and follow the instructions on the label.

Frequent Questions About Keeping Your Copper Jewelry Shiny

How Do You Keep Your Copper Jewelry Shiny?

This simplest way to keep your jewelry shiny is to use a jewelry box and keep it protected. Though it sounds simple, that little step of prevention will go a very long way toward keeping all your jewelry looking new.

As time goes by, no jewelry box can protect from all the scruffs and scraps your copper will encounter. Use the tips below to keep it looking fresh…

What Is The Fastest Way To Clean Copper?

There are many methods to cleaning copper such as baking soda, lemon and salt, baby oil, and the list goes on. However, the fastest way to clean copper is not beyond these alternatives.

The fastest way to clean copper is to boil 3 parts of water with 1 cup of vinegar and 1 tablespoon of salt, scrubbing the solution will allow the tarnish to break down and come right off. Another fast method of cleaning copper is by rubbing ketchup on the copper allowing the acidity to break down the tarnish.

Here is another idea for cleaning things.

Can Coke Clean Copper?

Coke can clean copper. It is a common myth though as to how fast it can clean your jewelry. You have to leave it in the coke for hours and then of course you are going to have a sticky piece of jewelry. Best bet is to use something quicker.

How Do You Clean Badly Tarnished Copper?

Cleaning tarnished copper is a matter of making your own copper cleaner from household materials. For light tarnishing, a salt and lemon solution will suffice. Simply scrub and soak the copper and let the solution work on its own. For badly tarnished copper, a heavier solution is needed however with avoiding harsh chemicals. The proportions for the solution is as follows: 1tsp ammonia,

1 cup aluminum carbonate, and 1 pint of soap jelly. This solution is to be rubbed onto the copper until the tarnishing fades.

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