What Do You Do In Your Spare Time [February 2020]

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Here are a few ideas

Keep a donation bag in your bedroom: If you only sort through your wardrobe once a year, it’ll take far more time than it needs to. I know people who’ve had to use their entire vacation week to clean out their closet and throw away things they no longer wanted. Instead, keep a donation bag in your bedroom. Whenever you come across something you no longer want or need, toss it in the bag. Then once a week, drop the bag off at the nearest homeless shelter or donation bin. It should only take a few minutes, but it’ll save you a lot of time in the long run.

Sort your mail as soon as it comes in: Instead of using a mail basket to hold mail that you haven’t looked at yet, only put the things in there that you need to respond to later on. Throw everything else in the trash as soon as it comes in. That way, you won’t have to waste time later on sorting through a huge pile.

Shop with discretion: Decluttering your home takes a lot of time. But the less you buy, the less you’ll have to declutter. Whether you’re shopping for clothes at the mall or buying groceries at the supermarket, only buy what you need. Before you make a purchase, ask yourself if you actually want this thing, or if it’s just going to take up space in your home. Then you won’t have to waste time decluttering in the future!

Hire a cleaner: I’m not one to splurge on things like cleaning services, but hiring someone to clean has completely changed my life. You can find a ton of qualified professionals on sites like Care.com or Handy, and they’re very affordable. As long as you keep your house free of clutter, they’ll be able to come in and do all of the vacuuming, mopping, and scrubbing that you don’t want to do. Then, you can go out and do all of the things you’d rather be doing! If you can take back hours of free time for only $40 or $50 a week, why wouldn’t you?

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