How To Copywrite Art [January 2020]

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How Much Does It Cost To Copywrite Art?

It all depends. If you do it yourself, – $35-$55. If you have a lawyer do it for you, it should cost $200-$500. It sometimes pays to have the attorney do it for you if you are not sure of the whole process.

Is My Art Automatically Copyrighted?

Art is copyrighted to a point. The bad thing is, if you do not officially register it at the copyright office, and someone uses it in a fashion you didn’t intend, you will spend a lot more money fighting over getting your rights back.

How Do You Know If Art Is Copyrighted?

You can check with the United States Copyright office to see if the image is listed or not. If it is registered before 1978, you probably will not find it registered.

can you copyright a drawing?

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