Valuation Of Artwork

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Truly, it is hard to determine what makes art valuable. Usually it is word of mouth by an influential person that will host a showing or event. They will invite friends who have money to spend and other artists also help this process along. People who are respected in their field that recommend the work of someone else instantly makes the budding artist or tradesman’s work wanted. Another thing that will add value is the age of the art. The ability to replicate art like we can these days was not available hundreds of years ago when some of the greatest works of art were created. It is subjective rather than objective and it is totally a thing determined through the beholder’s eyes.

Looking at the whole flow of the art. Does it make sense what you are looking at? Do the colors go well together? Is the theme common or rare? Is there detail or just blobs of color put on a canvas? What kind of medium is the painting on? Some can paint whole pictures on the head of a pin to be looked at under a microscope. That would probably be more cool to look at than your run of the mill painting on the wall. How much time do you think was spent on it? What is the intended message? Did the artist have a message or want you to form your own opinion? There are so many things to consider. Most is opinion based.

The same way you price art work is the same way you would evaluate it. How much time was put into the art work? Can another person exactly replicate what you did easily? Being unique and rare with your art is necessary to make people want to buy it. Look at the demand you are catering to. You also need to have in mind what your skills are worth an hour. How long did you study to do what you do? Doctors are in college for years and are okay charging $300 bucks for one visit. How much did you invest in your trade and how much time did you put into doing your work? How expensive is the medium. Everything that someone would use to appraise your art is what you need to consider when you put a price tag on your creation.

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