How To Copyright Artwork [October 2019]

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Your art is copyrighted when you create it and put it into a platform to sell or display it. The only thing that an artist needs to keep in mind is that if your art is something that could make money by being used for scenery or decoration on a movie set or other media form, if you do not register with the copyright office, then you are at risk. You may not even know if someone were to take your art and use it to make money until it is too late. So while it is copyrighted to a point, then yes it is, but if you are wary, you should register it for complete protection.

You are not legally able to copyright a form of art or a style. This concept was first known after Star Wars was made and a little known artist made fan art. There was nothing that could be done to him legally because it was a style of art.

Yes you can copyright a drawing through the US Copyright office because it is considered intellectual property. Most drawing are considered this type of property are those for advertisements, etc. and they do need to be protected because they are drawn with the intent of generating revenue.

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