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How to Sell Photography Prints

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Photographers rejoice! It’s never been easier to make a living off of your photographs.

Whether you shoot portraits, landscapes, still lives, or any other type of pictures, there are plenty of online platforms that are designed to help you sell your work.

Just by setting up an account on a website like Etsy or eBay, you can start selling your work to collectors in a matter of minutes.

We’ve outline this guide to selling photography prints to help you get started.


Etsy 🌟etsy, photograph, prints, fine art

EyePoetryPhotography The Swing Set

Etsy is by and large the best online platform for photographers who want to make money from their work.

This website not only allows you to sell prints but also enables you to sell digital files. This means that customers can pay for a high-resolution file containing your picture and have permission to print it themselves.

Ultimately, this allows you to sell your work without even having to spend money on printing!


eBay 🌟etsy, photograph, prints, fine art

Ron Wilson Ghost Town Ruins

Since it was founded in 1995, eBay has been a huge marketplace for artists and art collectors alike. This makes the perfect venue for photographers to sell their prints.

The great thing about eBay is that collectors and dealers are always browsing around for their next investment. So, if you upload your work to this platform, you never know when your next patron might find you!


DeviantArt 🌟deviant art, photograph, prints, fine art

ILeSk A Cat

DeviantArt made a name for itself as a portfolio website for fine artists. Using this platform, artists and designers could upload their work and build an audience of online fans,.

A few years ago, however, the platform added a print store to help their members make money off their work.

The great thing about DeviantArt is that they’ll print the work for you so that you don’t have to do it by yourself. All you do is upload your pictures and wait for interested customers to find them. Then, DA takes care of the rest and pays you a commission for your sales!