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Coming up with an Etsy Shop Idea

Etsy is a fantastic platform for artists and craftspeople. Never before have makes had such easy access to potential buyers. Simply by uploading photos of the things they make, artists can sell their work to buyers from all over the world.

However, this platform is so great that some artists don’t know what to do with it. Do you upload every work you’ve ever made? Do you create a curated, boutique shop? What’s the best way to maximize the potential of Etsy? What is an artist to do?

Well, the best thing an artist can do is to sign up and put themselves out there. For some people, this might mean registering the maximum amount of products. For others, it might mean uploading a small, selected group of objects.

The great thing about Etsy is that you can always take products off the market. So, if you’re new to the platform, simply take the work that you love to make and start selling.

How to name your Etsy Shop

Your Etsy Shop name is very important. It’s one of the first things that potential buyers will see, so it’s essentially the foundation of your brand. It helps to create a mental image in your client’s brain and gives them an aesthetic to associate themselves with. Therefore, your Shop’s name should compliment the aesthetic of your work. You might consider using descriptive, visual terms that help to generate pictures in your potential customer’s mind. Some strong examples of this are “Morning Ritual Jewelry” and “Waterstone Succulents.” Other Etsy users choose a more abstract name, instead. These names don’t always describe the product, but encapsulate a feeling that the artist wants there work to generate. Names like “Greenfall”, “Avrocomy”, and “Auramore” function in this way.

Don’t use your given name in the name of your shop. Buyers tend to gravitate toward brand names, not people’s names. You can include your own name in your Shop Description, if you’d like. But when it comes to naming your Shop, come up with something creative to entice your buyers.

Etsy’s Guide Choosing Your Shop Name

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