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The Best Etsy Shops

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For centuries, artists and designers had to go to great lengths to get their work seen by the public. They’d set up tables and carts in the town square where they’d try to entice the public to buy their products. Or, they’d travel from gallery to gallery with their work under their arm, hoping that a dealer might be interested in the work.

Even worse, the people who consume these objects had to go out and physically buy these things, walking from shop to shop until they found something they liked.

Not anymore. With Etsy, selling and buying art and design products is easier than ever.

We’ve put this article together to show off some of the best Etsy shops we’ve come across. This is our way of celebrating the amazing, 21st-century marketplace that is Etsy.com

This platform attracts buyers and makers from all over the world who are united by a love of finely-crafted goods. And, if you’re a home decor connoisseur, you should have it bookmarked.

Whether you’re looking for vintage furniture, ceramic vases, hand-stitched rugs, or even artisanal cleaning products, Etsy has everything you need for your home.

Here are a few of the best Etsy shops we’ve found for home decor products.

HouseVH Liquor Cabinet Etsy
Liquor Cabinet by House VH

KARVED Bend Wall-Mounted Liquor Cabinet

HouseVH specializes in wall-mounted pieces that double as both artworks and functional objects. Their cabinet units, for example, feature finely carved designed on the exterior face but contain shelving on the inside. Any midcentury furniture enthusiast will love their space-saving decor.

HouseVH Etsy Shop

OtherTimesVintage Teak End Table

Danish Teak Nightstand End Table

OtherTimesVintage traffics in secondhand vintage furniture. Their catalog is AMAZING and should impress any fan of midcentury furniture.

This 1950’s nightstand end table, for example, is a prime example of the modestly gorgeous furniture that came out of the mid-20th century. Typically, OtherTimes only has one of each piece, so make sure to grab it before someone else does!

OtherTimesVintage Etsy Shop

DaRosa Creations Modern Geometric Drawer Knob
DaRosa Creations Geometric Drawer Knob

Modern Square Geometric Drawer Knob

Who doesn’t love quirky, unique drawer knobs? Isn’t that the reason we all fell in love with Anthropologie?

Well, if you’re a fan of Anthro, you’ve got to check out the DaRosa Creations Etsy shop. They specialize in fun drawer knobs that will help you customize every drawer in your house.

We’re huge fans of their selection of modern geometric drawer knobs. Typically, drawer knobs are round. But, DeRosa has a huge catalog of squares, rectangles, triangles, and other weirdly-shaped knobs!

DaRose Creations Etsy Shop

Etsy is a hotspot for everything vintage.

Looking for vintage clothing? They’ve got loads!

Vintage furniture? Sure thing!

Vintage wall decor? You betcha!

No matter what you’re in the market for, there’s bound to be an Etsy seller who specializes in selling exactly what you need.

Here are some of the best vintage shops that we’ve come across on Etsy.


Scandinavian Daybed from LampAndCo Etsy Shop

Daybed from LampAndCo

1960’s Scandinavian Daybed


The LampAndCo Etsy shop carries everything from couches and love seats to coffee tables, lamps, and end table decorations.

And all of it is to die for.

This vintage Scandinavian daybed from the 1960’s is a fantastic example. Vintage furniture freaks everywhere would love to have this in their home.

, LampAndCo Etsy Shop


Homestead Seattle Etsy Shop Mable End Table

Marble End Table from Homestead Seattle

Minimalist Pink Marble End/Side Table


Seattle Homestead is another great vintage Etsy shop. They carry unique pieces from the 50’s, 60’s and iconic time periods.

Out of all of the vintage shops on the platform, Seattle Homestead has one of the best selections of coffee tables and end tables.

This pink marble table is a great example. Imagine how nice it would look next to a beautiful midcentury modern couch. The weight of the marble might drive shipping costs up, but it’d definitely be worth it.

, Seattle Homestead Etsy Shop


SCHWANSTEIN 1950's Lamp Etsy Vintage Shop

1950’s Hanging Lamp from SCHWANSTEIN

Silnovo Hanging Lamp from SCHWANSTEIN


SCHWANSTEIN is a vintage shop that carries furniture and other home decor. They specialize in items from Germany and other European countries, so they always seem to have original Bauhaus items in stock.

This Stilnovo hanging lamp, for example, was made in West Germany during the 1950’s. Made from ceramic, glass, and metal, it would make the perfect addition to any midcentury collection.


Wrap Up on the Best Etsy Shops

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